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How to choose the right home security maintenance vendor

How to choose the right home security maintenance vendor

Choosing the right home security system provider, when the market has so many options, may be a challenge. However, by focusing on a few important criteria, homeowners will choose a solid company for their security needs. Companies that offer great customer service, along with the latest technology, will ensure that homes are kept safe and secure. In addition, alarm systems will provide homeowners with significant savings on their homeowner's insurance costs.

Good companies will provide top-notch customer service. Representatives will be easy to reach by phone or online, and any problems will be resolved quickly. Customers should avoid companies that utilize aggressive, "close the sale" techniques, in order to get their business. Smart companies know that being customer-focused ensures that customers are happy, and happy customers tend to be repeat customers.

All costs should be explained by the provider up-front. Security installations have a complex fee structure, including installation fees, monthly monitoring, and cancellation fees. Good companies will provide a list of all fees in writing, before asking for any payment from a customer.

Good alarm companies provide a money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee should be valid for thirty days, and should apply to any reason that the customer would want to discontinue the service. The money-back guarantee should include a reimbursement of shipping fees. In addition, the company should not charge their customers a restocking fee, for returned equipment.

Companies should offer technologically-advanced interactive monitoring. Interactive monitoring allows customers to keep an eye on their home via the internet, their smart phone, or their PDA. Also, interactive monitoring allows family and friends to be signed up, to receive a notification if an alarm is activated. With interactive monitoring, the network of eyes watching a property is expanded far beyond just the local police.

Cellular connections to the monitoring station offer both safety and reliability. Although a cellular connection will cost more, the service outperforms both telephone and broadband connections. Cellular means that a thief won't sever the connection by cutting the phone line, and that coverage will not be interrupted by internet outages.

Companies that allow do-it-yourself installation will save money for their customers. Alarms have become advanced enough that setup is easy, and doesn't require a homeowner to take a day off of work, drilling holes and running wires. When homeowners install their systems, they also have control of where their sensors are placed. Homeowners will just have to guarantee that they check with their homeowner's insurance companies, before performing a do-it-yourself installation. Some companies will not extend an alarm system discount, unless the system is professionally installed.

In addition to saving up to twenty percent on their homeowner's insurance costs, customers will save money on potential losses due to burglary. By utilizing the latest technology, customers will gain added protection against theft and home invasion. Before signing on with any home security system provider, customers should make sure that the company prioritizes great customer service, discloses all fees up-front, and stays up with the latest technological advances in the industry.


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